Corporate Finance

Continuous growth, expansion into new markets, recognizing competitors, determining the most appropriate partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are important key elements for businesses in this naturally competitive and progressive business life.

Sales, mergers and public offering procedures reach its goals through accurate pricing; in a similar manner, sales of companies, funding initiatives from the capital markets or increasing the capital are dependent on the implementation of the right strategy at the right time.

Moore Turkey - MBK Independent Auditing and CPA Co. with its staff licensed with the "Capital Market Activities Advanced Level License" which is required of personnel who coordinates corporate governance practices and the fulfillment of the obligations of companies resulting from the capital markets legislation in accordance with the “Communiqué No. 59 Serial No. VIII” offers the following services:

  • Company valuations,
  • Acquisitions and disposals,
  • Consultancy service on mergers, taking over companies and change in type/kind of company,
  • Competitive sector analysis,
  • Project financing,
  • Public offerings,
  • Domestic and International partnerships,
  • Financial planning, borrowing and restructuring
  • Due Diligence,
  • Consultancy services on acquiring funds from national and international markets,
  • Budget planning and variance analysis,
  • Strategic analysis and management consultancy,
  • Organizational restructuring
  • ·Risk Management,
  • Consultancy services during and after establishment of companies that would operate in the Free Trade Zones,
  • Reconciling the free-zone and Turkish legislation.