Feasibility Studies

When something is feasible it means that it is doable. Economic, financial and technical analyses must be conducted on the investment and in these analyses and studies questions such as

  • What will the investor manufacture?
  • How much?
  • When and how long will the investor manufacture them?
  • How much resource will the investor need for the investment?
  • How much income will the investor make from the investment must be answered.

The services offered by Moore  Turkey within this context are as follows;

  • General information about the project,
  • The scope of the project,
  • The project’s capacity,
  • Technological and technical aspects of the project,
  • The amount of investment,
  • Annual operating and overhead costs,
  • Project financing and evaluation,
  • Creation of the most appropriate funding structure,
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for the banks / financing institutions
  • Consultancy for credit interview,
  • Other services that are provided within the scope of feasibility studies.