Real Estate and Constructions

As a result of the economic growth and political developments Turkey has experienced in recent years, the real estate and construction sector has become more attractive for investors.

The economic growth in the country and the population growth that came along with it, has led to the rapid increase in the need for commercial and residential space.

Aside from the growing demand for real estate, the reliable banking systems, housing loan system, as well as the outstanding construction companies in Turkey are also among the main factors in the rapid development of real estate and construction sector in the country.

The biggest problem faced by the real estate and construction sector are those illegal and old houses that are not suitable with the housing loan system. The scarcity of usable lands and their being highly expensive are also factors that negatively affect the development of the sector.

Turkey aims to protect the competitive nature of this sector by facilitating the investors’ entry into the real estate sector with the reforms that was carried out within the framework of the European Union.