The food industry, which began to develop in the early years of the Republic, has become one of the most important sources of income in a short period of time due to the country's rich agricultural resources and young dynamic labor force.

The changing living conditions and the increase in the number of women participating actively in corporate world have changed the consumption habits of consumers. These changes have lead to an increase in demand for frozen and packaged products.

Together with the onset of this trend, the higher earning class began to develop a preference for organic products as opposed to chemically pre-treated products.

Along with the positive atmosphere in the sector, the risks being high and the low level of education of the employees in the sector are the main glitches in the sector.

Despite of these glitches, because of the opportunity to sell products in EU countries and nearby markets and because of the young population and the number of women active in the corporate world directly in proportion with the surge in demand and the growing consumer awareness, the food sector in Turkey will continue to grow rapidly in the near future.