Due Diligence

Turkey is one of the few countries with high foreign capital inflows in the past years. This recent increase and economic developments in the country has made it more attractive for investors and company acquisitions, sales and mergers have definitely gained momentum in the past years.

The most important aspects to be considered prior to the purchase - sale of a company or shares are the possible risks arising from the company's past and present activities. The tax, financial, industrial and legal risks detected in these purchases - sales are of great importance and our global network and our experience in this particular issue has made us one step ahead from our competitors in this area.

Moore Turkey offers special review services within the scope which consists of four main topics. They are;

  • General information about the Company (management - organization - corporate culture) and the market in which it operates
  • The Company’s financial risks
  • The Company’s tax risks
  • The Company’s legal risks


  • Valuations within the framework of local legislations or international standards
  • Consultancy service on acquisition and purchase of companies or partnerships
  • Consultancy services on the issue of merging and demerging of companies.