Certification Services

Income Tax and Corporation Tax Services

Moore Turkey provides full certification services for the year-end financial statements and tax declarations of the corporations which are subjected to The Turkish Corporation Tax Law and enterprises owned by real persons which are subjected to The Turkish Income Tax Law with its well-equipped chartered accountants, who hold approval authority, and with its well-equipped expert staff empowered by the law no 3568 by executing audits as per terms of pre-paid corporation tax.

In this context;

  • Periodical audits are executed as per terms of pre-paid corporation tax and finding reports are prepared as a result of these audits.
  • These audits have significant importance in finding errors/deficiencies in company’s financial structure, accounting system and in relation to these issues tax or accounting system errors in Companies’ Corporate Income Tax, and in elimination of these deficiencies.
  • Thus, the penal sanction arising from not correcting identified findings in time will be eliminated.
  • As a consequence, Corporate Income Tax of the company’s specific period is confirmed and the report is prepared.
  • Furthermore, consultancy services are given by our experts anytime needed and changes in tax legislation are also broadcasted and sent to our clientele including the explanations latest in 24 hours.

Services provided by Moore Turkey within this scope are mentioned below:

  • Certification of Annual Income Tax Declaration
  • Certification of Annual Corporation Tax Declaration
  • Investment Tax Credit Services
  • Services Regarding Incentives, Allowances, Exceptions and Exemptions
  • Services regarding tax exemptions in incentives for priority development areas or equivalent incentives
  • Refundment of loan interests in incentive applications
  • Inflation adjustment or revaluation services
  • Supporting services for research and development aids of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  • Auditing and reporting of the projects which are supported by the funds of European Union

Other Certification Services

  • Certification for Internal Funds to be Added to Capital
  • Capital Increase Reports
  • Certification of Exemption, Exception and Accounts of Associations, Foundations and Similar Establishments
  • Services Regarding Investment Incentive Certificates
  • Determination Services Regarding Loans
  • Determination of Compliance of Financial Statements and Proceeds
  • Annual Transfer Pricing Reports
  • Other Special Purposed Reports