System Installation and Revision

A process is a series of inter-related activity and procedures performed to generate added value. The accurate flow of information within the process is one of the most important factors determining its performance. Difficulty in pointblank access to accurate information and uncertainties in referral and approval adversely affects the flow of the process and leads to waste of time. From another aspect, in order to ensure that these processes are complete and accurate, to enable them to produce useful results, these processes need to be analyzed.

Analysis of the process is used not only for finding errors but also to determine activities that are ineffective and unnecessary in achieving the goal.

After implementing a business process analysis as part of its management consulting services; and in order to remedy the existing deficiencies in the process; Moore Turkey also provides consulting services in the areas of accounting system installation and revision of the company’s accounting structures.


Process analysis;

  • Ensures measurable targets for business processes,
  • Process definitions are reconsidered,
  • Speeds up the processes, increases productivity,
  • Brings implementable rules into the workflow,
  • Reduces procedural costs,
  • Improves the efficiency of the employees.