Public Offering

In today’s globalized world, the growing competition has compelled companies to explore different ways of expansions. While companies cannot remain indifferent to new investments and partnerships, they are also in need of financing and foreign resources. Public Offering is one of the alternative solutions that are being presented to companies.

Because capital markets mandates compliance of financial statements with capital market laws, disclosure of specific situations and independent audit; Public Offering basically signifies a huge and important change.

Moore Turkey comes in at this point and provides support to institutions on the following topics;

  • Independent audit,
  • Consultancy service on implementation of accounting Standards,
  • Consultancy on the determination of the suitable Public Offering structure,
  • Consultancy on the determination of the size and proportion of the Public Offering,
  • Consultancy on conducting legal applications
  • Consultation on the valuation work to be done as necessary for the Public Offering price,
  • Post Public Offering consultancy.