Mehmet Yılmaz Bayramıçlılar

Mehmet Yılmaz Bayramıçlılar

Partner - Sworn - in CPA

After graduating from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration of Kırıkkale University in 2002, Mehmet Yılmaz Bayramıçlılar started to work as an Assistant Tax Inspector in 2004 and he assigned as a Tax Inspector in 2008. As a Tax Inspector, he engaged in tax examinations and inspections. 

He successfully completed the training program for internal auditors in 2011 and became entitled to work as an Internal Auditor in public administrations after obtaining an internal auditor certificate.
He became authorized to be an Independent Auditor by Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority in 2014.

He worked as a Tax Inspector in Ministry of Finance between 2004 – 2017.

Mehmet Yılmaz Bayramıçlılar served as a Permanent Member of Commission of Report Evaluation in Bursa Group Directorate of Tax Inspection Board between 2016 -2017.  

He took part in various commissions (Training, Reconciliation etc.) in Bursa Group Directorate.
He has been performing his job as a Sworn-in CPA in private sector since 14.04.2017.

He has competency in English.